Frequently Asked Questions:
1. What are the admission requirements for MBBS/ BDS?

The admission criterion for the course of MBBS/BDS is as prescribed by the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council Pakistan (PM&DC). Applicants must have passed F. Sc.(Pre-Medical) from Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education of Pakistan with at least 60% unadjusted marks (First Division). Foreign Universitt, College and School, the curriculum of which is in scope and the standard is found equivalent to F. Sc. (Pre-Medical) examination of Pakistan.

2. What is the fee structure of MBBS/BDS?
The tution fee structure has been decided by the PM&DC and is to be implemented on all the recognized private medical colleges of Pakistan. The details of the fee structure will be given in the college prospectus following the approval and finalization by PM&DC. The students are expected to bear the charges of books, medical equipment, hostel fee, registration fee and exam fee.

3. When and where can we get the prospectus/admission forms for MBBS/BDS?
The admission forms and the prospectuses are available at the head office from the first week of July 2010, and can be collected in person from the student support department at the university. Alternatively the department can be contacted via phone or an e mail for further assistance if the candidate is out of city/country. Admission packs will be sent to the candidates via courier service. Last date of submission of admission form is 18 August, 2010. Late and incomplete application forms will not be considered eligible for admission.

4. When and where will the entry test for MBBS/BDS be held?
The test date and venue will be announced by EATA. The applicants are required to appear in the provincial EATA Test. The Entry Test of one province shall be acceptable in the other provinces. The merit list will be prepared according to the PM&DC rules for admission in MBBS / BDS.

5. Is it necessary to sit the entry test?
It is mandatory that all the students who have applied for Kabir Medical and Sardar Begum Dental College to have apeared and passed the local provincial EATA entry test. Any student who has not attempted/passed the entry test will not be considered eligible for admission irrespective of their FSC/A-level scores. Students from other provinces of Pakistan will be expected to have sat the entry test of their provinces.

6. When does the MBBS/BDS session start?
Gandhara University takes pride in its student’s professional development, special efforts are made to preserve the students and teaches precious time. The sessions are strictly followed, the duration of the course is 5 years and 4 years for MBBS, BDS respectively. The first year MBBS/BDS are enrolled every year by first week of October where the exams for 1st, 2nd and 3rd professional MBBS and BDS are held in the month of August/ September. The exam for MBBS/BDS final year are held in October of every year following which the supply exam is planed.

7. What are the hostel and transport facilities for the students of Gandhara University?
The college has 4 buses 6 vans and 4 cars for the transportation service of students and teachers of the university. There are 3 male and 3 female hostels which accommodates 100 male and 100 female students. These hostels are looked after by senior staff members who reside in the hostels to look after the needs of the students and provide guidance.

8. What are the rules for Foreign students wishing to study at KMC/SBDC?

No admission shall be given without an entry test or SAT II score of 550 marks. Only those Pakistani National Students and Foreigners who have obtained the required qualifications for the entry from abroad, shall be eligible for admission on the foreign seats and will either have to appear in the entry test or present the university the SAT score. The student who are residing aboard or who have achieve their qualification for the entry test from abroad will be eligible to appear in the entry test if they have passed three subject out of which two have to be Biology & Chemistry.

The candidates having minimum SAT II score of 550 marks shall be exempted from the entry test and will be required to appear only in the aptitude interview. TOEFL & IELT score of 500 or 5.5 shall be required from the students who have obtained their required qualifications from those institutions where the medium so instruction for these qualifications is not English. An alternate to TOEFL & IELT is a certification by NUML Islamabad after a one year English language course.

The candidate who has passed British A-Level or American/Canadian High School Examination (12th Grade) shall obtained the equivalent certificate from the Inter-Board Committee of Chairman Islamabad. Incomplete application form will be rejected. DMC of F. Sc. (Pre-Medical) /Equivalent examination, SSC and other certificates once submitted with the application form can not be changed and shall be considered as final. Revision of result or improvement of marks by the Board/IBCC after the finalization of the Merit list shall not affect the merit of admission of current year in any way.

If any certificate submitted by the candidate is found false, or forged during his / her study period, his /her admission shall be cancelled forthwith. Further legal action can betaken against the student under the existing criminal laws.The applicants are required to appear in the Entry Test. The provincial government will be holding the Entry Test for admission in MBBS and BDS. The Entry Test of one province shall be acceptable in the other provinces. The merit will be prepared according to the PM&DC rules for admission in MBBS / BDS.