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Farkhanda Institute of Nursing is a charity institute, which is supported by Gandhara University. The Institute is recognized by the Pakistan Nursing Council and Board of Nursing Examination KPK. Farkhanda Institute of Nursing and Public Health ›»
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The Farkhanda Institute of Nursing, Peshawar offers an undergraduate course in nursing, designed to equip students with knowledge, skills, attitudes and behavior necessary to understand and influence factors that effect the health ›»
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   Farkhanda Institute of Nursing
  Naseer Teaching Hospital, Nasir Bagh Road,   Peshawar

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Medical health is a team work and doctors being the most important part of the team we nurses are the most important link between the patient and the doctors. In fact the most important part of health care would come down to good nursing ›»
   Healthy Pakistan: The Role of FIN
To take Pakistani population into a brighter and healthier future every institution of Gandhara University has contributed in its own way. Farkhanda Institute of Nursing sciences has taken on the challenge of educating the society about ›»
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