Audio visual department

The main purpose of the AV department is to provide the university support for its academic activity in regards to AV aids. The class rooms are kept up to date with latest ways of teaching tools from AV point of view.

The Audio Visual Department is housed in the basement opposite to the Library. The Audio Visual Department provides technical support to instructors, staff, and students. We also provide all types of AV equipment, from new to older equipment. Keeping up with new innovations in the audio visual field allowing us to provide demonstrations and assistance in purchasing of new equipment. We also provide assistance on operations and setting up for special events.

Services Offered

  • Repair of campus AV equipment, from lamp replacement to major repair
  • Installation of AV equipment in permanent location
  • Duplication of non copyrighted video tapes, TV college tapes, tapes for staff, as time and equipment permits.
  • Training on newer and older equipment
  • Demonstrations on newer types of equipment