History of Gandhara University

The North West Frontier Province has had limited resources since partition. Its educational institutes are largely dependent on the lone government university, The University of Peshawar. The Government invited the private sector to come forth and develop health and education facilities in the province.

It was then that with foresight and great hard work, the Late Professor Dr. Muhammad Kabir established the Gandhara University.

Gandhara is the ancient kingdom occupying Peshawar, the Potohar Plateau and the Kabul Valley. The Kingdom of Gandhara lasted from early 1st millennium BCE to the 11th century CE and served as a centre of education for students and scholars from all over south asia and China. The Taxila University of Gandhara and the Buddhist Monastery at Takhtbhai are a few famous institutes. It is also dotted profusely with archeological sites of great cultural significance.

The University gets its name from this illustrious civilization, which was among the first of its kind, and great in its influence.

Gandhara University, Peshawar was granted its charter by the Govt. of NWFP under “NWFP Ordinance No.LIV of 2002” Vide Notification No.Legis:1(1I) 97 dated 23rd Nov: 2002.