It is hereby notified for information of all concerned that 1st to 3rd prof. MBBS/BDS Annual Examination 2011 of Gandhara University, Peshawar will be held with effect from 5th September, 2011 (Monday).

Last Date for submission of Examination Admission Forms and fee relating to 1st to 3rd Prof MBBS/BDS Annual Examination 2011 to reach the Office of the Controller of Examination of Gandhara University, Peshawar, will be as under:

With Out Late Fee                                                      18/06/2011 (Saturday)

With Late fee of Rs. 1500/-                                        25/06/2011 (Saturday)

Blank Examination Admission forms are available from the Officer of the:

  1. Director Students Affair, Kabir Medical College (for MBBS Students)
  1. Students Affair Officer  Sardar Begum Dental College (for BDS Students)

NOTE       1) After the date of 25th June, 2011 no Examination form will be entertained.

  1. Nevertheless if any student fail to submit his Examination Form even by 25th June 2011 he/she will have to pay Rs. 200/- per day in addition to late fee viz Rs. 1500/-



Muhammad Rafiq
Controller of Examinations
Gandhara University, Peshawar.